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Ohio Events


October 9 – Lunch n Learn – Legislative Updates on Paid if Paid Court Ruling and Insurance Speaker
November 13 – Munch & Mingle – GC Showcase
February 12 – Lunch n Learn – Local Government Representatives
March 12 – Munch & Mingle @Brewery Tour – GC Showcase
April 9 – Prospect Member Lunch/Council Planning Meeting or BPI
June – Boat Cruise Social– Summer Social


September 10 – Ohio State University Projects Update
October 14 – Lunch n Learn – Legislative Updates on Paid if Paid Court Ruling and Insurance
November 11 – Munch & Mingle – GC Showcase
February 10 – Lunch n Learn – Legal Prompt Pay, and Local Government Representatives
March 10 – Munch & Mingle @ Columbus Brewery – GC Showcase
April 14 – Prospect Member Lunch/Council Planning Meeting or BPI
June – Summer Social


September 17 Munch& Mingle – GC Showcase
November 6 Lunch n Learn – Legislative Updates/Paid if Paid Court Ruling & Insurance Speaker
January 22 Union Terminal Tour – Speaker to discuss local area projects
March 19 Lunch n Learn—Local Government Representatives
May 22/April 23 Cincinnati Brewery Tour and Pizza
June/July Riverboat Cruise with GC Showcase

Council Meetings will be held in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland email us and be sure you are notified when those dates are available! info@asaofohio.com


How to Wage and Win the “Battle of the Forms” When Buying or Selling Construction Equipment or Materials

ASA Killer Contract Clauses Wage and Win the Battle of the Forms When Buying or Selling Construction Equipment and Materials from Russell O’Rourke on Vimeo.

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Getting the contract, you want when purchasing or selling equipment or materials has always been a difficult thing. Everybody exchanges documents back and forth, nobody signs anybody else’s document, everybody just thinks they understand what the deal is in the equipment or materials are shipped and installed.

Then what happens? Have you ever reached an agreement? Legal minds from long ago realized this was a problem and establish the Uniform Commercial Code. UCC has been adopted and Ohio and almost every other state. It has some very odd rules which you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Watch this webinar to learn what you need to do and when you need to do it to assure that you have a contract that you think you have.

On Demand Podcasts and Webinars

August: How to Choose the Right Customers (and Get Them to Select Your Bid)
September: How to Bid More Competitively on Government Construction
October: The Value of Technology and Data Management for Construction
November: Common Practices and Effectiveness of Incentive Compensation
December: Where Are We Now?


January: Negotiating Retainage
February: Mechanic’s Liens: Protect and Collect
April: Non-Negotiators’ Strategies for Negotiating Outstanding Results<
May: Managing the Life Blood of Contracting – Cash Flow<
June: Bidding from the Other Side: How GCs Use GradeBeam to Find Subcontractors

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